6 Benefits of New-Teeth-In-One-Day Dental Implants

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, yet missing teeth can quickly lead to a loss of confidence and interfere with one’s ability to eat and speak normally.

Fortunately, dental patients today have better options for replacing teeth than ever before. New technology has made it possible to restore smiles in a single day with dental implants that function similarly to natural teeth.

The benefits of New-Teeth-In-One-Day with All-on-4 dental implants can dramatically increasing one’s overall oral health and life satisfaction.

1. Preserve The Jawbone

The majority of dental implant treatments require bone grafting and multiple implants which takes years to accomplish and can be very costly.

For instance, getting a full mouth of dental implants the traditional way can take years to finish and cost upwards of 80-100k in fees.

Dentures are also harder to clean, and improper hygiene leads to bad breath and further bone loss. With All-on-4 New-Teeth-In-One-Day dental implants, these risks are removed since there isn’t any bone grafting done and the cost and treatment times are also reduced.

Implant supported teeth can be cleaned as part of a normal oral hygiene routine.

2. Enjoy Full Chewing Abilities

Dentures and other types of restorations take time to get accustomed to, and it is common for people to struggle with simple activities such as eating since dentures do not always feel the same as natural teeth.

Since chewing is the first step in the digestive process, not being able to break food down properly can lead to other issues such as stomach pain and indigestion.

While a soft diet may need to be followed for the first few weeks after getting same day implants, the new teeth will provide full chewing power once the mouth has fully healed.

3. Save Time With Precision Surgery

People sometimes delay dental implant care because they fear having to go out in public with missing teeth, or they may have concerns about taking time off of work for a lengthy recovery period.

With New-Teeth-In-One-Day All-On-4 implants, patients can walk out of your dental appointment with a full set of natural looking teeth that allow them to immediately resume their daily activities.

The precision surgery techniques will allow the dental team to perform extractions, place the implants, and fit your teeth the same day so the amount of appointments one must attend is reduced.

4. Prevent Jaw Bone Loss

Each component of the mouth works together to promote functionality and health. One of the biggest issues with traditional dentures and bridges is that they do not place enough pressure on the jawbone.

The jawbone needs stimulation to maintain their density, and people with dentures sometimes experience deterioration of the jaw that causes further oral health issues.

Dental implants stimulate the bones and surrounding tissues so that bone density can be preserved which will positively effect one’s appearance and ability to chew properly.

5. Maintain A Youthful Appearance

It is important to understand how oral health affects one’s overall facial structure. When a patient loses jawbone density due to tooth loss or gum disease, it affects the support that is provided to the ligaments and skin of their face.

Over time, the bone loss in the jaw can lead to sagging jowls, wrinkled skin and thinner lips that give an older appearance.

These telltale signs are also seen in people who wear traditional dentures as wrinkles that tend to develop around the lips and cheeks.

Since dental implants preserve the jawbones, these drastic changes in appearance are prevented, and flashing a full set of white, natural-looking teeth instantly makes one appear younger.

6. Smile With Confidence

Whether a mouth has been missing teeth for years or just recently, the impact on one’s confidence is huge.

It is also common for people to find that dentures can slip around and make it hard to smile without worrying about them looking unnatural.

When dental implants are placed, a patient can walk out of the office with full confidence that their smile is as beautiful as they planned while also knowing that their new teeth will never move out of place unexpectedly.

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