Multiple Dental Implants

Same Day dental implants in Illinois have been around for over 50 years, but it’s only in the last decade or two that they have been recognized for their superior tooth replacement solutions. Now, dentists and oral surgeons on every continent find Same Day dental implants to be the most sophisticated and comprehensive medical hardware for the replacement of teeth, whether a patient has lost one, several or even all of their original adult teeth!

Same Day Dental Implants in Illinois

If you’ve lost several teeth over the years to gum disease, dental decay or even accidental trauma, there are other many dental technologies available to fill the gaps in your smile. Unfortunately, nothing can compare with the benefits afforded by dental implants in Illinois, which, once placed, are virtually indistinguishable in functionality, feel and aesthetics to natural teeth.

So, what are these benefits? And how do Same Day dental implants in Illinois compare with traditional tooth replacement technology? First, let’s take a look at some of the alternatives…

Dental Implants in Illinois: Alternatives for Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth

Traditional Fixed Bridge ~

Many dentists recommend a traditional bridge for patients presenting with several gaps in their dental arch. Unfortunately, however, this tooth replacement method comes hand-in-hand with some very significant disadvantages that can create far more complex and costly problems further down the line. Traditional bridges are even known to cause fracture to the healthy supporting teeth, causing tooth loss.

While, bridges do provide a good cosmetic and functional solution and are easy for dentists to do, they require the sacrificing of the two perfectly healthy teeth adjacent to the gap. With the availability of Same Day dental implants in Illinois, which do not require these teeth to be touched at all, this sacrifice is simply unjustifiable.

Some of the challenges associated with traditional bridges include:

  • Excessive physical stress exerted on the two supporting teeth
  • The need to grind or file down the two healthy adjacent teeth
  • These stresses greatly increase the risk of decay of the supporting teeth
  • A high risk of root fracture and the subsequent need for root canal therapy
  • Bridges increase a patient’s risk of further tooth loss
  • The bone tissue underlying the bridge suffers from atrophy because only the crown of the missing tooth is replaced and not the root.

Removable Partial and Full Dentures ~

The functionality of removable partial and full dentures, which are uncomfortable, loose and unhygienic, simply cannot be compared to that of Same Day dental implants in Illinois, which can be used to support a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge. Removable dentures are typically made out of bulky plastic material and metal, which does not offer a very decent aesthetic solution to multiple missing teeth.

Some of the challenges associated with removable partial and full dentures include:

  • The stress placed on the remaining natural teeth, which are used as supports for the denture ‘hooks’ leads to greater problems of tooth mobility (instability) and tooth loss further down the line.
  • Partial dentures promote a much higher risk of decay, the need for root canal therapy on the remaining natural teeth and atrophy of the underlying jaw bone tissue.
  • Dentures harbor food and bacteria rendering them unhygienic for patients. They also cause chronic bad breath.
  • They’re uncomfortable, unattractive and cause great social awkwardness and embarrassment.
  • Removable partial and full dentures destroy healthy jaw bone.

Same Day Dental Implants in Illinois: The Difference

    • Same Day dental implants in Illinois do not require healthy teeth to be sacrificed. They are free-standing and, just like natural teeth, are supported entirely by the underlying jaw bone tissue.
    • Same Day dental implants in Illinois typically do not damage any of the neighboring hard or soft tissues in the mouth, thus preventing the adjacent teeth from sustaining fractures or cavities, or needing root canal therapy.
    • Same Day dental implants in Illinois replace both the crown and the root of the missing tooth. By transferring the eating forces directly into the jaw via the root, they prevent the bone tissue from atrophying, keeping it alive, healthy and ‘exercised’.
    • Same Day dental implants in Illinois provide much better facial support, which means far more natural smile aesthetics.
    • Same Day dental implants in Illinois not only look just like natural healthy teeth, they feel like them too!
    • Of all the teeth replacement technologies out there, Same Day dental implants in Illinois come with the lowest risk of further tooth loss. In fact, they actually play a part in preventing further tooth loss.