Single Dental Implant

If you have lost a tooth to accidental trauma, decay, a failed root canal or any of a vast number of reasons, Chicago dental implants offer the very best tooth replacement solution. This is not only the strong opinion of experts in Chicago dental implants, such as Dr. Irfan Atcha, it’s the established standard around the world! A tooth implant in Chicago offers unparalleled benefits and advantages to patients who have lost one of their pearly whites. What are Chicago Dental Implants?

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth that consists of a high quality and durable ceramic crown and a titanium root or screw, which is inserted into the jaw bone at the site of the missing tooth. Together, these components – plus the connecting abutment or ‘collar – offer patients a fixed and non-removable replacement tooth that is virtually indistinguishable from a natural tooth. Tooth Implant in Chicago: A Comparison with Dental Bridges The traditional approach to replacing a missing tooth is a dental bridge, which is a structure consisting of three ceramic crowns that have been cemented together. The two outer crowns are fabricated to sit on the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap, which is then occupied by the middle artificial crown.

There are five considerable problems with this approach:

  • Unlike Chicago dental implants, bridges require two perfectly healthy teeth on either side of the gap to be ground down to nubs so that they can accommodate the supporting crowns.
  • The procedure required to file these teeth down is risky and can end up damaging the once-healthy tooth to such an extent that it needs root canal therapy.
  • Unlike Chicago dental implants, bridges can and frequently do lead to the eventual fracture or cracking of the adjacent tooth’s root due to the physical trauma of supporting the bridge. Should root canal therapy fail to save the tooth, extraction becomes necessary.
  • Dental bridges almost always eventually decay, often resulting in further tooth loss. A tooth implant in Chicago cannot decay.
  • Unlike Chicago dental implants, bridges only replace the visible portion of the tooth – the crown. Without proper stimulation from a tooth root, the underlying jaw bone atrophies and wastes away over time, causing considerable problems for the neighboring teeth and – via a domino-effect of instability – the entire dental arch.

This is not even to mention the problems patients commonly complain about, such as discomfort and the feeling of having something foreign in your mouth. But by far, the most concerning problem with dental bridges is that they require two perfectly healthy teeth to be sacrificed just to replace one tooth. And they almost always eventually lead to further tooth loss. With Chicago dental implants, on the other hand, none of these concerns are a problem… Tooth Implant in Chicago: Benefits for Single Tooth Replacement Chicago dental implants are free-standing artificial teeth and because they rely solely upon the underlying jaw bone for support, as is the case with natural teeth, they eliminate the need to grind down the two perfectly healthy adjacent teeth. Chicago dental implants also replace the root of the missing tooth as well as the crown and this promotes excellent jaw bone health and, in turn, the health and stability of the rest of the dental arch. According to controlled scientific research studies, opting for a tooth implant in Chicago comes with the lowest risk of further tooth loss, when compared to traditional technologies, such as dental bridges. Chicago dental implants really are the smartest decision you can make:

  • Strong bite function
  • Restored speech
  • Great smile aesthetics
  • Oral comfort
  • Ultimate confidence
Chicago dental implants are typically a one-time solution that lasts many decades without the need for restoration or replacement. They also enjoy an incredibly high success rate. If your dentist doesn’t provide you with Chicago dental implants as an option to replace a single missing tooth, seek a second opinion!