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Thenee B

I had teeth removed and implants put in. My teeth were all bad and couldn’t be saved. Prior to my surgery I was losing weight. After my surgery and new teeth I’ve gained 7 lbs. I am smiling more, I like having my picture taken now and I am for sure eating better. Thank you to Dr. Atcha.

Cheryl H

My top teeth were very loose and I had no back teeth. I had no bone left in back part of my upper jaw so Dr. Atcha had to place the long Zygomatic implants. I love my new teeth, I love the way they look and I don’t have to worry that my teeth will fall out. It’s great what Dr. Atcha could do for me as I’ve been to many specialists and they said I need bone grafting and Dr. Atcha used an alternate methods and gave me fixed solid implant teeth without any bone grafting using zygomatic implants.


I had complete restoration of my mouth upper and lower jaws. Due to the medications I was on the enamel on my teeth was getting soft and my teeth were decaying. I didn’t want dentures so I met with Dr. Atcha and went with his recommendation with Dental implants and I absolutely love my new teeth! I feel like I am living my life again. I was not out in the public and now I don’t get any sleep because I am always out in public showing my new teeth. I live in Chicago and I am on a state wide crusade showing my dental work and encouraging people to get it done! Thanks to Dr. Atcha and the staff.


I had the All-on-4 implants done with Dr. Atcha. I had missing teeth and was use to wear a partial that use to disgust me. I learned about Dr. Atcha about reading about him the paper and came to his patient seminar and decided to have implants done here as he has a lot of experience with treating cases like mine. I am glad I did it

Vivian G

I am not afraid, I am freighted, I am mortified of the dentist. I researched Dr. Atcha’s credentials saw his interview and the reviews and saw him being featured for his expertise on various channel and came in for a consultation. I felt confident in what he suggested and went with having the All-on-4 implants on my top teeth and I love it! I am happy and I feel like myself again and I am afraid going to the dentist anyone because Dr. Atcha and the staff make you feel at ease every time I come in. Thank you.

Eileen E

My teeth have been a very sensitive issue for me because I’ve been fighting it all my life. It’s been was I’ve been fighting since I was nine years old. When I met Dr. Atcha my confidence level was in the tank from the denture I was wearing. When he said that I can help you with implants and permanent teeth I was happy because I didn’t think I had enough bone available. Dr. Atcha is different than other dentists I’ve seen because there is a comfort level I have with him. He gives you confidence and he delivers what he says he is going to do. I would highly recommend Dr. Atcha if you are looking to have implants done. I really lucked out when I found him.

Helen M

I’ve gone to other dentist and they way other dentists treated me was very different then the way Dr. Atcha and his team treated me. They treat you like you are important to them. I had 3 root canals, 6 crowns, one implant and had all my metal fillings replaced with resin and has 2 teeth pulled. I love the way everyone treated me here. I’ll be coming back every 6 months for my check ups.

Gloria S

I use to wear an upper partial and I had missing teeth on the top I would always hide my simile. I had Teeth-in-a-day with Dr. Atcha and my husband loves my new smile, my new teeth. He is happy because I am happy. My sedation was great as I didn’t feel a thing and don’t recall any thing. I would highly recommend Dr. Atcha for anyone who need special care with Dental Implants.

Greg G.

I had a large gap in my front 2 teeth and I had 2 implants and a bridge put in. Before the dental work I was really conscious about it and wouldn’t smile. I was really pleased with the work that was done. It was fast, one stop and pain free. I didn’t have to go from office to an office. I would recommend this to anyone who need cosmetic work because what Dr. Atcha did is very good. I am very happy with my smile.

Pat S

It’s been great. I feel like I can chew now because it was very limited before and now I have chewing motion and it’s wonderful. I’ve been thinking about it for years and I’ve been seeing Dr. Atcha’s ad in the paper and met with him. He reassured me that I was a good candidate for dental implants. It was one stop, all the work was done by him and it was done in one day with same day implants. My chewing has improved dramatically and I feel confident eating in public. Every staff member reassured me that I would do just fine.